Classes will take place at the Entrepreneur Center from 1:30-4:30p.m. and will include small group discussion. We are working on a virtual plan as well. In addition to the classes taught by Michael Burcham and Matt Charette, we will offer a goal setting & accountability session with Andy Bailey of Petra, as well as forum training and placement and invitations to many EO Nashville events.

The classes take place on Wednesday afternoons. Specific dates and class topics for 2021/2022 are listed below, so please check your calendar to make sure that you are available during these dates/times. 
August 18th, 2021: What Day Is It?
The Problem: The overall challenges of 2020 and the uncertainty in my industry has got me running scared.
The Solution: In Session 1, you will face the current reality of the market and develop a clear starting point to launch your journey to success. 
September 1st, 2021: Having a Real Business Model.
The Problem: We need to make more money.
The Solution: In Session 2, you will learn the essentials of a profitable business model and the tools to build your own profitable business model.

September 15th, 2021: Getting the Right Team.

The Problem: It’s so frustrating to find good people to hire.

The Solution: In Session 3, you will learn how to hire and develop the right team, design effective roles, and create accountability.


September 29th, 2021: Securing Good Market Data.

The Problem: The market is changing so fast I am afraid we are going to get left behind.

The Solution: In Session 4, you will learn how to develop a solid market strategy with real data that will help you examine your company’s market opportunity. 


October 6th, 2021:  Discovering Options for Growth.

The Problem: So many op- tions and they all look great - I am worried I will make the wrong choice.

The Solution: In Session 5, you will learn where to focus to build success, what meaningful early growth looks like, and the initiatives and processes that actually scale a business.


October 20th, 2021:  Developing Plans.

The Problem: My team is exhausted doing what they think they are supposed to be doing, but nothing is really getting done.

The Solution: In Session 6, you will learn how to engage the team and set priorities. You will learn an effective planning process along with the elements that make the difference in success and failure.


November 10th, 2021:  Executing - Is Hard.

The Problem: We have a great plan - why isn’t it working?

The Solution: In Session 7, you will learned how to prepare to make the “hard choices” that will allow you to successfully execute your growth plan.


December 8th, 2021: Communicating with Clarity.

The Problem: It’s frustrating when I tell people what I want but they just seem to ignore me or can’t follow through.

The Solution, In Session 8, you will learn to separate the signal from the noise in your messaging, transforming your team into a “can do” machine.


December 15th, 2022: Improving Your Competency.

The Problem: My company is growing fast, so why do I still feel like I am failing?

The Solution: In Session 9, you will learn the skills required to be an effective leader as the business grows as well as best-practices you can start doing right away that will allow you to embrace and enjoy the growth. 


January 5th, 2022:  Embracing the Suck.

The Problem: I see some problems in my business - but I’m really afraid I’m just going to make things worse if I start making changes.

The Solution: In Session 10, you will learn the key traits of extraordinary leaders that will help you execute and make key those key decisions - even when it’s hard.


January 19th, 2022:  Managing Money.

The Problem: Our business is growing but each month it takes every penny to pay the bills - I’m worried that its just not worth it.

The Solution: In Session 11, you will learn how cash fuels growth and the tools to effectively manage your cash flow so you can grow.


February 2nd, 2022: Session 12: Thinking About The Longer-Term.

The Problem: We have built a great company but our valuation is slow - what are we doing wrong?

The Solution: In Session 12, you will learn how to evaluate the strategies of successful exits and apply those insights to your business - even if you don’t ever plan to sell. 


February 9th, 2022: (Alternate date if needed)


February 16th, 2022: Goal Setting & Accountability from Andy Bailey of Petra Coach 


March 2nd, 2022:  Mandatory Forum Training (8a.m.-5p.m.) from Ellie Byrd of Forum Sherpa