Classes will take place at the Entrepreneur Center from 3-5p.m., followed by 30-60 minutes small group discussion.  In addition to the classes taught by Michael Burcham, we will offer a goal setting & accountability session with Andy Bailey of Petra, as well as forum training and placement, and invitations to many EO Nashville events.

The classes take place on Wednesday afternoons and the schedule for 2019-2020 is as follows:
August 28th, 2019:  A New Mindset - How Did We Get Here. Focus is on evaluating the current business situation of each participant.  
September 11th, 2019: Idea Framing the Future. Focus is on the business model: framing a new growth concept. 
September 25th, 2019:  Make Money with Smart Design. Focus is on how to build margin in the business model.
October 9th, 2019: Who's On the Bus. Focus is on building the team. 
October 23rd, 2019:  Advisors vs. In-Laws. Focus is on advisory boards and boards of directors. 
November 13th, 2019:  Working On the Business - NOT In It! Focus is on the young company's operations strategy. 
November 20th, 2019:  Monitoring Your Vital Signs. Focus is on diagnosing and measuring performance. 
December 4th, 2019:  Building a Bigger Fish for a Bigger Pond. Focus is on how to create a business platform that scales. 
December 18th, 2019: Funneling a Fortune. Focus is on linking marketing plans and sales strategies. 
January 8th, 2020:  Thinking Like a CEO. Focus is on processes and strategies for becoming an effective CEO. 
January 22nd, 2020:  We're In the Money. Focus is on cash management, cash flow, and financing the growth. 
February 5th, 2020: Cashing In. Focus is on what creates business valuation and ways to think about exit strategies. 
February 19th, 2020:  (Alternate date in case needed)
February 26th, 2020 Goal Setting & Accountability from Andy Bailey of Petra Coach 
March11th, 2020:  Mandatory Forum Training (8a.m.-5p.m.) from Ellie Byrd of Forum Sherpa